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Standard Benefits and Health Plan Services

Benefits and Healthcare Consulting - we will meet with you throughout the year and discuss the effectiveness of your benefits and health plans, provide updates, make suggestions, changes, etc.

Brokerage Transactions – we will execute all contracts and decisions for you with all service providers, plan administrators, and insurance carriers.

Market Representation - we will represent you in the marketplace, negotiate on your behalf, source options, create competitive environments, etc.

Employee Education (Standard Support)– we will assist you in organizing and deploying the educational sessions during open enrollment, on-boarding, and throughout the year.

Benefits Strategic Plan Development– we can provide the template for and assist you in creating a strategic benefits plan for review by your executive leadership team or board of directors.

Service Plan Roadmap development and management– You will receive a full one or two year project plan that illustrates different objectives we plan to accomplish, the deadlines and milestones associated with each objective, and methods of measuring success.

Year-round Benefits Service and Support– Our service team is ready and eager to assist you or your team with questions or challenges as they arise.

Benefits Compliance updates and Webinars– You will receive notifications and guidance from us with regards to any new changes in legislation or regulation which could impact your organization.

Reverse Discrimination Testing– We will review your disability income protection programs to ensure that the highly-compensated are not being discriminated against.

Senior Citizen Benefits– Your senior employees will have access to our licensed professionals to help them decide between your group benefits or Medicare, senior critical illness, long term care, and more.

Quarterly Claims Review – For clients who are not fully insured (or who enroll in our Disease Management Program), we will provide full detail claims review and updates to assist you in forecasting future costs and focusing on high claim drivers.

Stewardship Reports – TriBridge will compile an annual summary to illustrate the work we have done for you, the status of any open projects, and recommended projects for the future.

Non- Integrated Benefits Administration – The marketplace offers many cost-free options to manage your benefits via third party administrators and other service providers. These providers are consistently upgrading their technology to remain relevant. TriBridge can assist in selecting the best solution to meet your requirements.

Passive HR Support – Job Description Builders; Monthly Webinars and Training Videos on various current HR Topics such as Employee Engagement Strategies, Workforce Best Practices, etc.; Training Videos; Performance Reviews Templates and Guidance; Salary Benchmarking Tools and Reports for Building Position Costs; Quick Reference resources and recommendations for compliance with all standard employment laws; Forms and templates for all components of the employee life-cycle.

Annual Benefits Compliance Review – We will provide an annual review of your benefits compliance and with regards to Acts and Regulations such as ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, HITECH, PPACA, FMLA, 5500 Filing, Section 125, Section 105, and more.

Enrollment Audits – Post open-enrollment we will conduct and audit to ensure all of your employees have been enrolled in the appropriate plans. This avoids costly remedial and reactionary issues later in the year.

Individual Health Insurance Support – Current employees (and families) and COBRA-eligible employees have access to support. This resource has proven to be an excellent alternative to expensive COBRA premiums, dependent coverage, or for employees who are not eligible for benefits.

Optional Services
(Additional Cost May Apply)

Actuarial Services and Informatics– For some employers, predictive informatics, technology, and modeling may be necessary to forecast claim risk.

Employee Education (Advanced)– This is where we leverage some of the latest technology to communicate and engage with employees throughout the year multi-locations. Includes multi-cultural strategies.

Benefit Guides– We can provide comprehensive benefit guides which showcase and explain your full suite of benefits to the workforce.

Compliance Services Outsourcing– COBRA, ERISA, Plan Document, 5500, etc.

Private Exchange– A progressive concept that allows employers to define their contribution (specific dollar amount per employee) to the benefits plan. Employees then access a personal benefits portal and use the employer’s allocation to select the medical, dental, and other benefit options that best meet their family’s needs. There are decision support tools available to relieve HR of the responsibility to help employee’s make decisions

Telemedicine– This benefit is quickly becoming one of the most effective cost-management tools. It allows employees and their families to receive diagnosis, guidance, and prescription without having to take time off work, wait in the doctor’s office, or deal with other inconveniences for most non-emergency medical issues.

Financial Wellness Fairs–TriBridge can provide educators for single or multi-day seminars to your workforce on a variety of topics including will preparation, estate planning, life insurance planning, long term care planning for parents, investing, and retirement planning.

Healthcare/Benefit Advocacy Services – In order to cut down on the volume of calls and questions that come through to HR, professional advocacy and resource services are available to employees and their families both during and after standard business hours.

HR Hotline – Live Human Resources Support to answer questions and take on projects as needed.

Active Disease Management– Data mining tools that actively seek out potential chronic illness candidates and immediately begin engaging them in preventive measures. This will reduce impact to your company before the pending medical issue becomes a major cost item.

Workforce Engagement Benchmarking (Employee Retention)– If one of your objectives is to maintain or increase the retention rate of your top talent, you will benefit from our nationally benchmarked and tested employee engagement strategies.

Fully Integrated HRIS Benefits Administration– The administration system is designed to fully integrate with all of your existing technology and web-based resources – including payroll providers.

Fully Automated HRIS Benefits Administration– Same as fully integrated but Automation adds the ability to direct enroll (feed) employees to the benefit plans without any manual intervention.

Panel of Experts – In addition to our internal team of over 50 technical experts and service personnel, TriBridge has recruited an external team of professionals to assist our clients with topics including (but not limited to) legal and tax, human resources, chief financial, human capital, talent management, wellness, and physician expertise. We can provide you with our Yearbook which contains pictures and biographies of each professional.