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About Our Firm

Many of our clients wear three hats simultaneously:

  • Individuals with personal planning needs, mortgages, tuitions, health care, retirement, etc.
  • Employers with all the employee benefit needs including pensions, health insurance and other plans
  • Owners of the enterprise who are concerned with business continuity and its long term success.

Most firms in our business concentrate on the individual or on the enterprise, but we know in many ways they are the same people and so we seek to protect them both and often obtain price benefits for the individual and planning efficiency for the enterprise and its employees.

In essence, we partner with our clients and we connect them with solutions. What we really do is build bridges.

We help protect the assets of our three types of clients...namely...individuals, employers, and business owners by bridging the exposure gaps to create continuity through the expertise of our associates in combination with our strategies, and our solutions.

But the bridges don’t stop there.

We build bridges between generations with our financial planning strategies. We build bridges into the senior phase of life with our senior strategies. We build bridges between employment and retirement with our retirement programs. We build bridges between the today and the tomorrow.